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What is the process for obtaining performance rights?

Okay, so you want to produce With Mine Own Hand. What's the next step?

First, it's important to note that With Mine Own Hand is protected under the US Copyright Act. Before you can produce the show, you must obtain a license. A license grants you rights to perform the show and outlines all fees.

To obtain a performance license, you must first submit an Application for Performance Rights. It should be in the form of a letter, provided you include the following information:

  • Name and Address of Producing Organization
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Email address for contact person
  • Dates of Desired Performance(s)
  • Number of Performances
  • Name of Theatre/Auditorium and physical address
  • Seating Capacity of Theatre/Auditorium
  • Ticket Prices (if there will be a charge for tickets)

This information may be emailed initially, but must be followed up with a hard copy sent to Nephi Story Productions on your organization's letterhead.

Nephi Story Productions
14300 NE 20th Ave. #388
Vancouver, WA 98686-1493

The processing time for an application can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks, though we will do our best to respond as immediately as possible. Some performances may be restricted in certain areas or at certain times. Always obtain written confirmation of the show’s availability from Nephi Story Productions before planning a production or announcing anything.

If the show is available for the dates indicated on the application, fees are quoted and a license is generated. There are three basic fees involved in licensing any musical:

  • A royalty fee per performance, which compensates the authors;
  • A rental fee to defray the cost of producing the materials;
  • A refundable security deposit to protect copyright and assure the return of the materials in good shape

Traditionally in the theatre, a royalty fee per performance is due whenever a play is presented in front of an audience, whether for profit or not. Royalty fees for With Mine Own Hand will be minimal for official church unit use.

There will be a slightly higher royalty fee for LDS affiliated organizations outside of ward or stakes, which will be quoted in the license.

When you enter into a licensing agreement, the materials supplied by Nephi Story Productions (which generally include the script/libretto-vocal books, a piano conductor score, individual orchestra parts and a rehearsal CD*) are the only authorized performance materials available and must be rented from Nephi Story as a condition of the license. The standard rental time is usually two months in the theatre, but because church productions generally require longer rehearsal periods, the standard rental time for With Mine Own Hand will be four months prior to your initial performance. Additional fees apply for each additional rental week.

The security deposit is refunded upon return of the rental materials to Nephi Story Productions, minus any shipping/handling charges, outstanding balances, damage or loss of material.

If the terms of the licensing agreement are acceptable to your organization, sign the license and return it to Nephi Story Productions with payment. Once Nephi Story Productions has received your signed contract and the appropriate fees and deposit, rehearsal materials will be scheduled for shipment. Materials will normally be shipped about fourteen weeks before your first performance.

Remember, a Performance License for With Mine Own Hand is only valid for six weeks after the date of issue. To secure the performance rights you desire, you must return the license, signed and with payment within that time period. If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability and the fees quoted may be withdrawn.

Read more information about licensing steps under “What are the steps to producing With Mine Own Hand?”

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