"Come unto me and ye shall partake of the fruit of the tree of life..."
Alma 5:24

What are the steps to producing With Mine Own Hand?

STEP ONE: Become familiar with the show

If you are unfamiliar with the show, Nephi Story can provide you with perusal copies of the script, the piano/vocal score, a DVD of the original production, and a CD of MIDI samples from the orchestrated score that you may peruse for up to four weeks for a nominal shipping and handling fee. For instructions on ordering a Perusal Package see: “How do we preview the show to see if it is something we could produce?”

STEP TWO: Apply for a Performance License

Application for performance must be made in writing before fees can be quoted and a license issued. For instructions on how to make an application see “What is the process for obtaining performance rights?"

Assuming we receive all the information correctly, the processing time for an application can vary from two days to two weeks. Always obtain written confirmation of availability from Nephi Story before planning a production. Remember: get the process started as early as possible – months in advance of your desired performance dates.

STEP THREE: Sign and return the Performance License and pay the necessary licensing fees

Once you receive a license, fill it out, sign and return it to Nephi Story with your fees and security deposit. Remember, a Nephi Story Performance License offer is only valid for six weeks from the date of issue. To secure the rights outlined in the license, you should return the license, signed and with payment, within the six weeks. If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability and the fees quoted may be withdrawn. If you decide to change the dates or other details of your production, you should notify Nephi Story in writing immediately, since changes can affect the availability and conditions of a license. The importance of obtaining a license for all performances cannot be stressed too strongly, as the penalties for violating Federal Copyright Law are severe indeed. For more detail about licensing fees see “What is the process for obtaining performance rights?"

STEP FOUR: Nephi Story sends you materials

The materials rented by Nephi Story are the materials that have been provided by the creators of With Mine Own Hand and are the ONLY authorized materials for rehearsals or performances. We send you everything you need to rehearse and perform the show:

• Librettos (scripts)
• Piano/Vocal scores
• Conductor’s Score
• DVD of the original production
• Choral Parts scores (if you will be using a choir. See “How is the show performed?”)
• Orchestral Parts (if you will be using a live orchestra)*

We are in the process of producing a recorded orchestral minus track, which may be used in lieu of assembling and rehearsing your own orchestra. Contractually, any production of With Mine Own Hand must have orchestral accompaniment and may not be performed with piano only. The orchestral minus track will involve an additional rental fee.

STEP FIVE: Rehearsals

Rehearsing With Mine Own Hand should be a lot of fun, even though there’s a lot of hard work involved. You will need to be prepared for managing hurdles encountered during the rehearsal process including budgeting, putting together a Creative Team, advertising and holding auditions (recruitment), casting, scheduling a rehearsal facility, putting together and publishing a rehearsal schedule in advance of the rehearsal period, finding/scheduling rehearsal pianists and orchestral players, as well as solving technical, scenic and costume challenges. Nephi Story will be glad to support you by consulting with your team about anything in the rehearsal process.

Since With Mine Own Hand is spiritual by nature, we believe that in order to convey that Spirit to the audience, producers and directors must be unified in their approach to this production. Our philosophy in regards to working with the company, the crew, and the audience emphasizes two foundational elements:

The first is organization. We believe the artist will create and perform to his highest level when he is not overly concerned with logistics. Hence, the producers and directors should do all in their power to provide organized, “professional” communications, as well as highly organized rehearsals and performances, so that the performer is “free” to do his best physically, mentally and spiritually.

The second element in our philosophy (though of the greatest importance) is love: love between all those involved with the show, love for the work itself, love for the art, and love for the Lord. This means patience, understanding, forbearance, encouragement and kindness should be the rule in all your interactions.

Though it may sound idealistic, we have proven again and again that this combination is the most effective approach to creating a work of quality and power: the power to affect lives in a very positive way.

During rehearsals, you might find that some changes are required to make the show work in your facility. Whenever you feel the need to make any change, it is important that you contact Nephi Story and make sure that you can get permission to make the change. When you are granted a performance license, by law the show you license must be performed “as is.” You should not make any changes unless you have obtained prior written permission from us to do so. Otherwise, any changes violate the authors’ rights under federal copyright law. Contact us – it’s always safest to ask.

There are some special challenges to keep in mind as you rehearse With Mine Own Hand that are particular to the show. For a review of these, see “How is the show performed?” and “How is the show staged?”

STEP SIX: Build an audience

There are three major ways to get an audience: Print Campaigns, Internet Campaigns, Media Campaigns, and Word of Mouth. Nephi Story is here to help you with all three. A print campaign may consist of posters, flyers and bulletin/newsletter announcements. Here is where our show logo plays an important part. It is the recognizable image that lets your audience know about your show. Nephi Story will license you our original logo for use in conjunction with your production. We can also help with ideas and approaches to an internet campaign and a media campaign. You will want to put a lot of consistent emphasis on word of mouth through your cast and crew as well. We have found this to be the most effective campaign of all.

LAST STEP: Have a GREAT production

We would LOVE to hear about your successes (and any problems you may have encountered) in presenting With Mine Own Hand. We would ENJOY getting pictures, posters and programs from your production. We THRIVE on your feedback.

If you have any questions, comments or products you'd like to see developed, drop us a line - we're here to help you.

Have a GREAT production!

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