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Alma 5:24

What does Nephi Story Productions do in connection to With Mine Own Hand?

The creators of With Mine Own Hand have copyrighted their work, protecting their ownership and enabling only them or their representatives: Nephi Story Productions, to decide who may perform the show, where it may be performed and what license fees will be required. On the creators’ behalf, Nephi Story Productions grants a license to produce the show and collects fees. Built into every license is specific language that governs how the copyrighted work may be presented. The responsibilities of Nephi Story Productions include enforcing copyright law as it pertains to live and recorded performances (prohibiting changes to the script or score, monitoring unlicensed performances, etc.) as well as protecting certain productions from competition in geographical markets. Though unlikely, performance rights to a certain show could be unavailable or restricted in this case.

copyright © 2007 Nephi Story