"Come unto me and ye shall partake of the fruit of the tree of life..."
Alma 5:24

How do we pay for an event of this kind?

There are many ways to keep costs under control. For instance, in the original production, we used a stake center for our rehearsals and performances, which saved us the price of renting a theatrical facility. (However, this also meant unique costs in getting appropriate lighting, sound and stage space put together.) Sets, costumes, and props for this show are purposefully minimal. Ultimately our costs were half as much or less, as what a community theatre would have spent on a full-scale musical.

With Priesthood approval, there was a minimal ticket charge, which covered the show’s expenses in full. (We did set aside a certain percentage of complimentary tickets for the missionaries and their investigators.) The show was “sold out” in advance. Our audience of over 2,500 seats (we had to cram them in) had no problem accepting the minimal ticket charge, but rather marveled at how little was asked.

A ticket charge may not be necessary for every production however, as some church units have a satisfactory budget for cultural arts or music events, or may feel justified in using funds from their missionary or public affairs budgets. Another alternative is to produce the show as a concert, with no costumes, sets or props; only the performers and the music.

The most important aspect in securing funding is to plan, propose, and get Priesthood approval well in advance of desired performance dates.

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