"Come unto me and ye shall partake of the fruit of the tree of life..."
Alma 5:24

What scenes and songs are included?

(Note: in addition to the songs listed below, there is a good deal of underscoring, which accompanies Nephi’s narration, but is not listed here.)

Act I

Opening Song/Overture: “The Book, The Gift”


Scene 1: Intro to Nephi, Father Lehi’s call and first vision,
Song: “Great O Great”

Scene 2: The family leaves Jerusalem,
Song: “Great O Great: Reprise”

Scene 3: Return for the plates,
Song: “Trusting Son”

Scene 4: Obtaining of the plates, Zoram joining the party,
Song: “Led by the Spirit”

Scene 5: Lehi & Sariah wait, boys return with plates,
Song: “Visionary Man”

Scene 6: Return for Ishmael’s family, rebellion,
Song: “Laman’s Lament”

Scene 7: Lehi’s vision,
Musical Number: “I Have Dreamed a Dream Ballet”

Scene 8: Nephi’s vision,
Song: “Look” and “A Work Everlasting”

Scene 9: Nephi explains vision,
Song: “Have Ye Inquired of the Lord?”

Act II

Scene 1: Nephi’s broken bow, Liahona, Ishmael dies,
Song: “The Broken Bow: Visionary Man Reprise”

Scene 2: Arrival at Bountiful,
Song: “Bountiful”

Scene 3: Building the ship,
Song: “Swift to Do Iniquity”

Scene 4: Rebellion at sea,
Song: “Rebellion at Sea: Laman’s Lament Reprise”
Song: “A Love So Borne”

Scene 5: The voyage,
Song: “Driven Forth Before the Wind”

Scene 6: Arrival in Promised Land, Nephi’s Farewell,
Song: “The Book, the Gift of Latter-Days: Finale”

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